Prayer for Weary Times

Holy One, our hearts are weary; are tired; and are breaking. Our hearts are stretching as they are pulled and pushed, bruised and battered by all the suffering and brokenness and pain.

Our ears are ringing—ringing with harsh words, with yelling, with gunfire that echoes in our streets and takes lives of innocents without cause.

They're ringing with the affirmation that black lives matter, again and again, until this idea is manifested in our legislation, our communities, and our hearts.

We have heard stories of equality and justice, but our eyes burn from the instances of inequality, racism, and injustice that illustrate we are still far from where we hope to be.

Our mouths speak words of hope, of courage, and of truth, and at times we find that words do no justice … the brokenness feels too big.

Our bodies, our collective bodies, built for lifting one another up and built for holding each other in love… they're being used against one another, as weapons and the ammunition is hatred and fear.

Spirit of Life and Love, in this time of dissonance, in this holy time of urgency to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves, help us to find our voice.

Help us to see beyond this brokenness to a time of healing and true community.

Help us to remember that the only journey toward healing is one that is paved through humility, acceptance of responsibility, and counteracting complacency.

Ours is not a solitary journey, but one taken together; bolstered by deep listening, and deeply rooted in love.

May we find the strength needed for the journey here, in this place, and in all places where people gather for love, for humanity, and for justice.

Black lives matter bandana at Portland GA rally.

Making Room for All That Is

By Lyn Cox

From WorshipWeb

Spirit of Life, ancestor of the stars and the sun, you who embrace the vastness of space and us along with it, be with us today. Hold us in our worry, our exhaustion, our grief. Keep us close as we sit with our truth, whatever that may be....

Making Room for All That Is