Prayer for Veteran's Day

Today, we bow our heads in recognition of the great service and sacrifice some have been asked to make.
Living through the horror that is war, facing death or physical harm as a spectre looming around any corner, we say “thank you,” and know it will never be enough.

Help us to embrace those we have sent forth in our names into danger -
give us the strength of will to serve them as they have served us.
May they never hunger. May they never thirst.
May there always be meaningful work for their hands.
May they receive healing care in abundance
and may we, the grateful heirs of a nation built on the idea of liberty,
be faithful to pursuing that dream in our own lives and actions.
Help us to be vigilant and never complacent.
Let each one of us take personally this charge.
May it be so and may it be so.


Virginia National Guard Soldiers from the Emporia-based 1710th Transportation Company reunite with family, friends and fellow Guard Soldiers Feb. 22, 2014, in Norfolk after serving on federal active duty in Afghanistan since June 2013.
Army soldier in dress uniform playing Taps at Arlington National Cemetery