Prayer in a Time of Awe

A night sky with a band of stars

Holy grandparents of the Universe...energies of creation...endless mysteries of life:
You are the music that sounded before our world was born,
sound and silence woven throughout the ages,
far beyond the most profound wisdom humanity has been able to touch.

Be with us, deepen our willingness to live without certainty;
to take the risks of living on the edges of our creativity;
to step beyond the boundaries of possibility and hope.

Help us always to remember that we are in our essence the magic of star stuff:
that we are kin to all that is and was and may yet come to be.

Teach us to temper our impatience, to retain our conviction that what we do makes a difference;
that even our smallest act can contribute to the good of a greater whole.
Be with me in my uncertainties. Rejoice with my small triumphs.

Comfort my losses. Remind me I am never alone, not in my joys or in my tears.
In the blessing of our silence, may I feel your presence, something greater than I have yet been able to comprehend.