Prayer for Standing Rock

Spirit of Life,
We hold in our hearts the peaceful protestors of all tribes and faiths who are gathered at Standing Rock, protecting sacred water and land.

They ask for respect, they ask for our government to help protect their sacred lands and the water that sustains their lives.

We know that the quest to build this pipeline, and the actions of those building and funding it are fed by our thirst for oil and the legacy of the Doctrine of Discovery.

This weighs heavily on our hearts.

Spirit of Grace, please help all of us find a new path forward, away from the wrongs of the past and the life-denying legacy of oppression.

We pray for peace, light, and grace for the Water Protectors.

Spirit of Love, help us find ways to stand with the Water Protectors, with the Seventh Generation.

We pray for the safety of the Water Protectors and all who are involved in this struggle.

Spirit of Life, help us help Mother Earth heal, and in return heal ourselves.

We pray for strength, courage, and steadfast patience for the Water Protectors.

May their strength and perseverance lead to the protection of these sacred lands and waters,

For Water Is Life.