Prayer for Our Country

We pray for our country’s leaders.
May they lead with justice and fairness on their lips.
May they hold in highest esteem the value of human life and liberty.
May they never forget those who elected them,
Nor those who did not.

Many of us are worried, anxious, afraid.
Who will uphold our basic human rights?
Who will protect us from rollbacks on liberties?
Who will lead us through the shadows?
Who will remember us?

Spirit of Life and Love, Holy Presence all around,
Embrace us with your wisdom and peace.
Surround us with reassurance.
Fill our hearts with purpose.
Empower us to do what is right.

May our hearts be expanded
as the time comes for us to comfort each other.
May our minds be charged with creativity
as we find our way forward.
May our bodies remain well so we can travel to our state capitals
or the line at the abortion clinic to escort someone to safety.

May our spirits be guided by our values.
May our lives speak, be they gentle and angry or loud and clear.
May we remain united in our mission as people of faith
to connect deeply, grow together, and serve one another.

Blessed Be. May it be so. Amen.