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Prayer for New Marines

A female marine recruit, exerted, does a pushup on the sand while the women recruits behind her rest, exhausted

Gracious God,

A warrior fights for those who cannot fight for themselves. As a warrior prepares for battle, there is a solemn responsibility: to know how and when and if to take life, just as a warrior must know how and when and if to risk their own life. These matters of giving and taking life are truly best left in your capable hands, O God, and yet here we are, in the midst of this tarnished and imperfect world. Your call echoes through all the confusion; from Micah and Deuteronomy we hear your ancient claim upon our lives to do three things: to do justice, love mercy, and in all things to walk humbly with you. With your grace, these warriors can wholeheartedly and faithfully do justice by executing the duties they have been given. They can love mercy to not only be the first to fight but also to be the first to pray for what is lost in war on all sides. And as we turn from our greatest accomplishments and triumphs, may we walk humbly with you, God, where your peace passes all understanding, enfolding us for all eternity.

Blessed be, Amen.