A Prayer for Humility

Spirit of Life I find you
In those humble places.

The quiet, still spaces where
I am held in
A love greater than myself.

You are the wind in my breath;
The fire in my soul; The subtle
Heartbeat of creation all around me.

O God, your love is unimposing
Yet firm and steadfast,
Present to all those who would know your peace.

You challenge me in my arrogance and
Move me to listen deeply when I fail—
As I always do—to see the fuller picture.

Spirit of Love, you find the gentle words
To speak life into me and hold me when
All else around me and in me feels broken.

You remind me that I am loved
And saved just as I am.
Your salvation is found in living life loved.

Remind me of who I am; O Holy Mystery,
Help me to see you in the small, everyday
Moments where you are found.

Grant me the wisdom to listen for you
And seek you in those unlikely
And unexpected places.


A side view of a person, eyes closed, with their hands pressed together and brought to their face, as if in prayer.
Abdul Satar Rahimi, the Deputy Director for the Farah Provincial Council, holds his prayer beads during a ribbon cutting ceremony March 8, 2010, Farah, Afghanistan.