Prayer on the Eve of an Election

Inside of a school gymnasium, red-white-&-blue curtains hang along a string of voting booths, with some voters visible.

Spirit of Wisdom,

As we prepare to elect new citizens to lead us,
in our communities, town and cities,
in our counties, states, and our heart-torn nation,
grant us wisdom and discernment
so that we may choose those of peaceful heart,
of competent mind and of servant spirit.

Spirit of the Harvest,

Help us to winnow the grain from the chaff
and to reap the legacy of freedom
our founders planted for all of us.
Help us to gather together as one people
united in concern for this country
founded upon such promising ideals.

Spirit of Healing

Grant that we may bridge the breaches
that have opened between us.
Help us to understand one another,
to listen to the stories of who we are,
and to find common ground
on which we can move forward together.