Prayer before a Circle

Against a setting sun, five people form a circle, visible only as silhouettes

I give thanks
for all it takes
to be a healing presence,
and also how simple it is.

I confess that I want to be seen as
(especially) good
(especially) right
(especially) useful.
I confess that I'm still learning
an artful skill.
I confess sometimes I try too hard
or lean in too far
or refuse to be moved.

despite all my doubts,
there are these ones
beside me.

You! Web of life that connects each to all! That we are each part of
never fall out of
and are all responsible for
... you! Who energize all matter
as matter, heart of sacred experience
... you! Who love us all as us as you.

Today I ask for:
the resources to be present to myself
the resources to be present to others
the resources to lean towards what is hurting
the intuition of my body
the trust and shared leadership of these friends
the insight of our collective wisdom
the embodiment of all my skin and bones
and blood - the ocean of my being -
to wave and crest and fall on the
rocks of every holy moment.