Prayer for Being Human Amidst Tragedy

A Black man's hand is holding a mirror, in which we see a partial reflection of his face. Our point of view is from over his shoulder, so in the foreground we see a slightly out-of-focus portion of the back of his head.

We do not choose when tragedy occurs, nor where,
nor what feelings are brought to the surface as we handle this challenge.
In this heartbreak what we carry forth is our humanity in newly revealed form—our hearts tender and delicate.
Within this complex, hard time, may your heart be cradled in the balance to strengthen in resolve, 
and hold fast to the seed of tenderness that allows for the experience of love.
May you be comforted in being human, while knowing in its very essence being human is exceedingly hard.
Know that you are not alone.
Let us heal and balance together.
May you find solace here in the collective human experience and regeneration of affection.
May community hold, tend, and comfort you in love.
Blessed be. Amen.