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Power Prayer

Spirit of Life, I have witnessed
a loud love,
an out-loud love,
that challenges me.

I did not recognize it
at first—
the rumble of an ocean
I had long been under.

But here it is right now
and it looks just
like the whole world
could be.

It doesn’t play nice;
why should it
when nice has only ever
played it a lullaby?

This love demands.

A love so loud
it lays rocks at the feet of children
who can’t find their path home—
across the pipeline—
any other way.

This love is indifferent to tolerance.
It invites you into your own
heart, where God loveself
has come to take tea with you.

Drink and know
that like that other love
this love
always protects
always trusts
always hopes
always perseveres.


This out-loud love
makes no secret of its aim
to get you free.

But first, set fires.
Throw the poison
to the ground.
Match the love sound for sound.

Spirit of Life,
and bring everyone.
We’re giving birth
to something new.

About the Author

Becky Brooks

Becky Brooks lives with her two partners, two children, and two cats. She spends her time learning new things, writing stuff, and homeschooling her twins, who are far, far smarter than she will ever be. She loves you just the way you are and all the ways you’ll be....

For more information contact worshipweb@uua.org.

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