The Miracle in the Mundane

Oh Spirit that moves in ALL things,
Great Mystery,
Whose reach spans beyond the cold distant edges of our Universe,
And yet is present within the vast subatomic emptiness,
Coursing through every fiber and every breath of our being –
And through Being itself!

Help us to see the Miracle in the Mundane,
To see the crystal stars, the shape-shifting clouds, the patient trees –
To see each other through fresh eyes.
For it is so easy to forget –
To forget what we truly Are, and what we’ve been given.

As we move through our lives,
let us remember to see through the Mundane to the Miracle beneath,
and to perceive that common substance
that gives birth to our myriad forms,
That Mystery that spans beyond the edges of the Universe,
And yet infuses our next breath!

And let this foundational awareness guide us on our paths
As we work towards peace and fight for justice,
While always informed by a spirit of compassion.
May it be so, Amen.

About the Author

Kyle Johnson

Kyle Johnson holds a Masters of Theological Studies from Harvard Divinity School. He serves as a lay minister at Follen Community Church (UU) in Lexington, MA.

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A stunning, bright Milky Way and the rest of the night sky over a cabin and man in the wilderness.e

Sun cuts through trees, casting shadows of the trunks on a woodland floor, with a lake in the distance.