Cycle of Life and Prayer

We are that.

An intuition, a sliver of god consciousness in our hearts, pointing toward a bigger reality.

We are that, says a little acorn pointing toward an oak tree.

We are that, says Buddha pointing toward the moon.

We are that, says Jesus pointing toward a lamp.

We are that, said Martin

We are that, said Malcolm

We are that, said Assata

We are that, said Ella

We are that, we are that, we are that.

Wave upon wave upon wave upon wave

Poets and prophets pointing. Agitating. Washing over us with waves of love that never forget

Who we really are, who we could be even in the midst of our

Endless forgetting.



Can you hear, can you feel the waves of love washing over you?

Waves of love that remember, even now, who you are. Who we are.

Waves of love gently carrying us home.

Waves of love gently carrying us home.

Here in this ocean of love, compassion, and care, we offer up all the things we carry in our hearts this day, all the things we would surround in the embrace of this congregation.

Invite to name aloud/silent/in chat

(To close:) May the grip of addiction be loosened, may the weight of oppression be lightened, may truth be told, may joy break through, and may love make every suffering bearable for us all.