Closing Memorial Prayer

A group of mourners walks across a cemetery green.

Spirit of Life and Love: Under the vast spiral of time and space, surrounded by the simple blessings of a community of care and love, we carry these memories of (our beloved) with us back to the community and life they* loved. We pray:

Grant us strength, wisdom, and thanksgiving.

Give us strength to speak of our lives, so that each day yet to come we find more compassion, more understanding, more of the loving kindness that fills our world with joy and laughter.

Give us courage to cherish one another so that we use our lives to heal instead of forget and lead ourselves to the possibility of forgiveness instead of defiance.

And we give thanks for (our beloved): their memory lives on in the great Spirit of Life that surrounds us, and their memory, cherished by us, dwells deeply throughout us by the person they were and still is in our hearts.

We have celebrated the cycles of life in which we find ourselves, celebrating life at its beginning and its end, both always present among us.

Spirit of Love and Life, remind us to love life as fully as we are able. Remind us to treasure our friends and families as they treasured their friends and family. And even though we must bid them farewell, the gift of their life is a treasure that cannot be ungiven. We celebrate the life (our beloved) lived among us, and now their soul is at rest with you. And we miss them so very much.

*use the pronouns most fitting