Cauldron Prayer

And so I bury my cauldron today
I fill it full of salt and place it in the warm earth.

Cradle it Persephone!
Hold and rock and heal this womb.
Take my woes and transform them.

I was supposed to be this perfect gateway,
and hold the balance of life and death.

Well I held life, for a brief moment.
Then I held death.
And now I am empty.

Lady of Love, of all the world's children.
Take this child for safekeeping.

Soothe its cries
and care for it as your own
Until this lovely little spirit makes its way back to me.
In some way.
In some form.
As is the circle of all things.

I ask for your healing.
I ask for your strength.

Help me recognize that I still can nourish.
I still can create.

Let soil and rocks and time do the healing.
Let snow and grass and mud be concealing.

Do Not

Gift me a shovel
So that I may dig.

Tell me,
“Don't you DARE bury that cauldron forever.
You have so much more to give.”

I make a promise to unearth it.

But for now
It must remain
Deep inside the earth
But not broken.

So Mote it Be.