Body Prayer, Version One

Young woman with hands held in front of her heart.

It's important is to take time to be quiet, to be still,
so we can be in touch with the deepest and best part of ourselves—our inner voice—
often called prayer or meditation.
I invite you to join in a body prayer.
I will show you the motions—
then invite you to move through it with me once,
then we will all pray with our bodies in silence 3 times.
We begin with our hands in front of us in the prayer pose
to find our inner quiet
We raise our arms up high
to open ourselves to the Spirit of Life, God of Love,
We bring our hands to our hearts
to affirm the strength of our inner voice
We extend our hands out in front of us
to offer our kindness and respect to others.
We lift our hands out in front of us
to offer to others and the world all that we have to give.
We lift our hands high over our heads
reaching out to the world being open to all it might offer us.
We bring our hands down
gathering in the gifts and bringing them to our heart.
And returning to our stillness,
we bring our hands together in the prayer pose.
[repeat three times and end with a slow bow as a closing.]