A Blessing for Grief

An elderly person with short curly white hair adjusts their glasses so they can wipe away tears with a tissue.

May you be tender and gentle with yourself, 
and be cared for by those who will envelop you with compassion and presence. 
May you know that there is so much beauty in your grief, 
especially when it feels messy. 
May you know that the depth your grief is a measure of 
the love your heart is capable of. 
May you cry an ocean of tears, and never fear the tides of your grief. 
May you scream and rage and emote your pain in 
safe and supported spaces, 
and may you never be judged for the power of your expression.
May you be comforted by a blanket woven of love, 
when you feel the harsh and palpable illusion of aloneness.
May you remember in moments of despair
that all life comes from the womb of sacred darkness, 
and that something new will be born from this void. 
May you allow yourself to change. 
May the pain of your loss awaken you 
to the pulse of your humanity.
May you have faith in the crucible of your soul, 
to transform this grief into a numinous song 
that brings you closer to your own Divinity. 
May your experience of loss expand your capacity 
to extend compassion to others. 
May you eventually wear your scars, 
as luminous gems on the unfurled wings of your heart. 
And may you always remember the preciousness of life.