For All That Is Our Life

A lantern with moon and star shapes casting light onto dark walls.

Spirit of Life,
help us to be present with all that is our life,
both our deepest sorrows and our greatest joys,
so that we can truly live:
engaging fully in our own life and in our community.

Spirit of Community,
Help us know how linked we are,
how each one of our cares touches us all.
Help us to ask for support when we are in need,
and offer our support to others when we are able,
so that we may rest in the solace of one another's love.

Spirit of Love,
And help us to love our neighbor as we love ourselves,
so that we might fully embody love and resist hatred.

Spirit of Resistance,
help us to stick up for what is right, 
even when we are tired or afraid.
Help us to dream of the world as it should be
and act to bring that world about.
Help us to find hope each day.

Spirit of Hope,
Help us through this day and each day.
Help us to be present for all that is our life.

For all this we pray;
amen and blessed be.