The Courage to Begin Anew

the letters "l o v e" in neon letters against a dark wall

Worship Leader: In this moment of worship we call to mind those times of failure and regret common to all of us. We remember first, in silence, those times when we have failed to do all that we meant to do, or through our actions failed to be all we were meant to be.

[silence, then:]

We now recall our moments of integrity, those times we have lived into our deepest values, and acted as the human beings we always dreamed of being.

[Silence, then:]

We choose at this moment to lay down the burden of our shortcomings, and grasp the courage to begin anew. Together, we affirm our capacity for goodness and grace, for freedom and purpose and joy. We are not trapped in our past, but freed by creation to live and grow today. With gratitude, we say blessed be and amen.