Blessing for Hope on World AIDS Day

It has been a long struggle, and our work is far from over.

As we go forth, may we be empowered by

the Spirit of Hope and Healing,

whose one name is God,

and whose other name is Love.

May the blessings of Love be upon us and within us:

May Love’s truth be upon our vision.

May Love’s wisdom dwell within our hearts.

May Love’s persistence inspire our lips.

May Love’s gentleness give comfort to our bodies.

May Love’s gratitude accompany our sleep.

May Love’s healing be a balm for our brokenness.

May Love’s serenity give peace to our weary souls.

May Love’s confidence energize our minds.

May Love’s challenge keep us faithful,

faithful in our struggle...

faithful in our conviction

that love...and justice...and hope...

will ultimately prevail.