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The Wanderer
The Wanderer

A cold grey sky, a cold grey sea
And a cold grey mist that is chilling me;
A light that burns on the harbor bar
With the dull dim glow of a distant star.
A sky without hope, a sea lacking cheer
And a beckoning light that comes not near;
The lapping of waves, the whisper of foam,
The gloom of night and a distant home.
What love can I feel for the restless sea
When all I love is leaving me!
The creak of a spar, the flap of a sail
Is far from a song since ’tis nearer a wail;
For the home and the friends that are leaving me
As I’m borne away o’er the cold grey sea.
A cold grey sky, a cold grey sea,
A distant land and a light to me
The only trace as I go my way
Of the joys and hopes of yesterday.
And I look on the sea, I turn to the sky
And they answer me life is mystery.

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