A Saving Faith

I had dreams about anywhere-else-but-here
But our faith kept me close.
I believed I had done something to deserve it.
Our faith shouted, “No!”
I tried to imagine it never happened
But our faith reminded, “Yes, grief is real.”
I thought I might die
But our faith nurtured my life.
I wondered if I was worthy of love
But our faith kept loving me.
I found it impossible to forget
But our faith said, "Forgive yourself first."
I did not know there were others.
Our faith sobbed, “Many.”

Megan's poem is based on her essay in Testimony, edited by Meg Riley

A woman, from above, sitting cross-legged on a bed with arms outstretched.


By Meg Riley

From Skinner House Books

A dynamic collection of personal stories from people whose lives have been dramatically changed by Unitarian Universalism.

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