Image of Andromeda Galaxy, the nearest large galaxy to the Milky Way (approx 2.5 million light years away.

When I look up into the night sky,

I am in awe of all that is.

There in a far away galaxy

A star has died,

Yet it is still bright for my eyes to see.

And make a wish upon

When I walk in the ocean

I feel the waves rush across my feet

And I feel a certain peace with the world

I peer out into the endless horizon

Knowing they came from a place beyond where I can see

When I sit around the fire,

I feel its warmth enter me

Without ever touching me

And I feel safe from the unknown

Wherever I am

I take in a breath

And I know I am

In the present moment

All of these wonders

That move us,

and make us feel alive

and make us dream

and make us wonder

let us protect them,

so that my children, our children, everyone’s children

My grandchildren, our grandchildren, everyone’s grandchildren

For generations upon generation

Will also have the chance to

Look beyond the horizon and

Marvel at the wonder of existence

And continue to be nourished by our home

The earth.