First Breath

That first breath must be delicious.

It must be more tantalizing,
more intoxicating than any drug,
fragrant like no flower will ever be
enticing like no body scent.
It must be all of this, and more
yet without words or memories, how do we know?

That first glorious rush of air
wants us to keep breathing
wants our hearts to keep beating
wants our eyes to open and see
wants our souls to open and say “yes.”

The first breath wants us to live all our life saying,
please God,
let me live
let me breathe
for just one day more

until we breathe our very last.

About the Author

Adam Lawrence Dyer

Adam Lawrence Dyer is an educator and an LGBT- and justice-reform activist and currently leads the California Equity Ministry Network. He is pursuing a master of divinity degree at The Pacific School of Religion....

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An African-American mother cradles her infant twins, one in each arm, as the babies gaze out of a window.