We Speak the Language of Love

We arrive from many different experiences and backgrounds. Some of us have trouble speaking; others are so young that they’re still learning to talk. Some of us speak English as a second language, and others of us can speak several foreign languages. All of us share this in common:

(congregation:) We speak the language of love.

In the moments before worship begins, and again when we return to the service of life, we greet one another with kind words; we chat about the days behind us and days to come, and

we speak the language of love.

We lift our voices in song — not to sing perfectly or in tune, but to hear and feel our voices form a life-giving sound; and

we speak the language of love.

We form a web of compassionate listening when individuals among us, embodying vulnerability, name the fears that grip their hearts, the joys that buoy their spirits.

We speak the language of love.

At times, our voices clash. We disagree. Tension enters our voices as we make room for different beliefs, different opinions, different perspectives. Through it all, it's our intention that...

we speak the language of love.

In this congregation, we welcome a multiplicity of truths, and invite them to be named out loud. We prophesy, summoning the age when justice and peace will be evident all around us, and

we speak the language of love.

Let us worship together, making room for one another as whole beings, tender hearts, hungry spirits, and curious minds. With our actions and with our words, let us

...speak the language of love.

Two women, one Unitarian Universalist and one Muslim, smile at each other.
People talking during coffee hour
A group of smiling young adults hug.