We Join Together As One Congregation

We gather together.

We arrive
as individuals
as couples
as families
as neighbors
as friends

We got here
by walking
by biking
by riding
by driving
by connecting

We bring with us
our joys and our sorrows
our laughter and our tears
our worries and our fears
our questions and our beliefs
our ethics and our values

A ceramic mug of coffee sits on a table next to an open laptop, showing many people in Zoom cells.

Some of us
arrived early this morning
or joined us ten minutes ago
or encountered obstacles on their way
or will arrive just in time for the sermon
or will sign online later this week or even next month

are sitting in pews
leaning on walkers or canes
stretching in the aisles
settling in wheelchairs
and relaxing in recliners

We, members, friends, and visitors alike,
come from many paths
and join together as one congregation,
to lift up our highest ideals.

We have gathered.
Now, let us worship.