Stay Together and Stick Together

A heart carved into the trunk of a tree, colored in red.

We who gather here
In this tender and anxious and confusing time
We have been awash in a sea of information
And misinformation and disinformation and this information
that we seek is simply so that we
May make wise decisions about how we respond
And learn how we hold one another when we can’t hold one another
And decide how we can be when we can’t be
What is this we face? How best do we respond?
And why is this happening, the why the why the why
And why do those who suffer so, suffer most, always suffer
Suffer most from what we now face…why?
And what can we do for those who are most at risk, most vulnerable
all the time, and now, again.
And how do we respond and how do we hold one another
When we can’t hold one another and how do we stay together
And stick together and worship together when we can’t be together
Yet we are, here we are, we are