A Spacious Welcome

From above, seven people hold hands around a table before eating.

This opening was written for two voices, as indicated below.

1: Welcome, who come in friendship
who long for genuine community...

2: May you be graciously received here
as your authentic self.

1: Welcome, who come in curiosity,
full of questions or simply open...

2: May you embrace wonder
and encounter new delights.

1: Welcome, who come heavy with fatigue,
weary from the troubles of the world
or the troubles of your particular life...

2: May you rest and be filled in this sacred space.

1: Welcome, who come with joy
for flowing rivers and gentle breeze,
for changing skies and great trees...

2: May the grace of the world
leave a lasting imprint in you.

1: Welcome, who come with thanks
for the altruism of the earth
and the gift of human care...

2: May your grateful heart overflow
and bless those around you.

BOTH: Come, let us celebrate together
this wondrous life.