A Renewed Hope for This World

Be it real or metaphor, whatever is in your backpack, or your briefcase, or your purse that you’ve brought into this sanctuary that is weighing you down: leave it behind.
Whatever you are carrying that is keeping you distracted, or caught up in shame, or guilt, or hopelessness: leave it behind.
If you need it, it will be there when we’re done, but for this hour, just let it go.
Come into this place with open hearts.
Come into this place with a soul that has remembered how to be tender again.
Come into this place with a renewed hope for this world.
Come into this place ready to build a world we’ve always been worthy of, and have always dreamed of.

About the Author

Nathan Ryan

Rev. Nathan Ryan was called in November 2020 as the Senior Minister of the Unitarian Church of Baton Rouge. A Louisiana native, Nathan makes a mean red beans & rice, and believes that good food goes a long way toward world peace.

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A person of color, from behind, wearing a leather backpack while gazing out at a cityscape.

Blessing of the Backpacks

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Blessing of the Backpacks