Opening Words for Palm Sunday

Today we begin the walk to Jerusalem
The holy week
The demand that we face the broken path, the abuse of power.
Today we walk toward the dayspring breaking through,
The Easter day of joy.
So let us prepare the way,
Let us join together this morning in worship
To see what holiness resides within and about us
To welcome in the day
And make straight the path for the work of God.
Let us worship together.

About the Author

Daniel Chesney Kanter

Daniel Chesney Kanter is the Senior Minister of First Unitarian Church of Dallas. Previously, he served at King’s Chapel in Boston and as a chaplain at San Francisco General Hospital. He is an avid long distance cyclist, home brewer, and adventurer.

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palms from a palm tree thickly overlapping
a pile of straw-colored crosses made out of dried palm fronds