A Moment of Rest from Our Journeys

A stone church stands silhouetted against a night sky in which the Milky Way is visible.

The travelers had come a long way, and had a long way yet to go.

Unable to come off the donkey without her husband’s assistance and the grace of a large stone, still she came down, one hand to her back, feeling the ache throughout her body. The child in her belly kicked and made her draw a quick breath. Leaning heavily on Joseph’s arm, Mary picked her way along the path.

Others on the road had told them that here they might find a spring with water so cold it would hurt their teeth. Here, they might find a place of shelter and calm where they could bed down for the night.

Here we come, too, to find a moment of refreshment and rest from our journeys.
No matter where you are going on your journey,
No matter if it is your choice to go, or if you left by far away edict,
No matter if you carry a burden or the deepest of joys,
No matter how weary and thirsty you may be,
Pause here.
Take a quiet breath.
Rest in peacefulness.
Be renewed and restored
For in a short while, the journey will continue with its worries and troubles and joys and promise.
Until then, let us join together, minds and hearts, and worship.