Let Your Body Tell the Truth

A vibrant pen-and-ink sketch of two hands reaching for one another.

Come now across platforms and practices
To declare with joy our resilience
To proclaim on purpose:
we have survived
the pandemics of our time.
We have survived,
We are surviving.
We have pivoted,
And we have planned,
and then re-planned,
And then thrown all plans
To the wind.
In this circle we will say
without shame:
Some days
we lost our way,
and our passwords,
And we have not always been our best selves
We are learning
and not always quickly,
To regroup and remember perfection
Was never the point.
We are here
because we long to try again.
To promise with people to be partners
In this long-haul work of loving
and becoming
Even while we grieve also the cost
Which is not small and lingers in our hearts
And turns only sometimes
to rage.
Here let your body
tell the truth.
Shake free the stories that
Live in your skin,
breathe in your
Beauty, and breathe out your burdens
Breathe in our beauty, breathe out
Our burdens.
Be here with it all, with all of us
In the freedom of this new day
The storm is passing over,
the sun is breaking through
This new day dawns for us all.
Come, let us worship together.

This call to worship was delivered at the General Assembly Sunday morning worship service (June 26), 2022.