Here We Are So Gathered
Here We Are So Gathered

Here is where we gather in the presence of the Sacred.
Here is where we gather to experience the Holy
Here is where, together, we face the unanswerable questions
and acknowledge that not knowing is as sublime as it is frustrating.

Here is where we unite in the midst of Life and all the glories
and suffering it can hold, knowing both are ever present.
Here is where we ask, think, risk, discuss, ponder and offer what
might not be welcomed or even acceptable somewhere else.

Here is where, if we allow it, we are deeply moved.
Here is where we encounter each other in deep and powerful ways
that surprise us, yet without which we would not survive.

Here we gather to worship, to experience something happen –
perhaps something different for each of us according to our beliefs,
something unnamed, uncategorized, and unusual yet absolutely necessary.
Here we are so gathered: our minds, our hearts, and our souls.

And, so, our worship begins.

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