This Faith

Let us be a faith that gathers, reaching for one another
through the walls of hate others build,
through the cages of ignorance and arrogance,
and through the fear that burns city streets.

Let us be a faith that sees a vision of a better world:
More compassionate, more just, more holy,
And with more love.

There is a faith that binds up the broken,
cauterizes battle wounds with the balm of peace,
sings longer and louder than the trumpets of war –
let us be that faith, too.

Let us be the ones who do not tread lightly in this world,
but light it up with our love,
who hold up the mirror of worth and dignity,
who are the sanctuary others seek.
But first:

Let us be a faith that worships together.
This morning.
In this space.
At this moment.
Let us be a faith.

A lit chalice, seen from above, on a decorated cloth.

Grace Meets Us Where We Are

By Gretchen Haley

From WorshipWeb

There is nothing you need to bring with you to be welcome here no right beliefs or proof of citizenship no eternal optimism or clarity of conviction no boundless courage or endless expertise You do not need to know what brought you here Or how you will solve that problem you are turning over and...

Grace Meets Us Where We Are