Ever in Our Midst

A line of framed family photos, all on a surface, some out of focus

Ancestors who spoke with bravest fire,
lend us your senses
that we may know another world
is on her way, breathed into life
with our participation in her creation.

Forebears who led the way where there was, at first, no way,
lend us your persistence, your temerity, your assurance
that the moral arc of the universe does, indeed, bend towards justice.

Ones who went before us,
sacrificing for a future not your own,
help us to give of ourselves
that the common stones in our hands today
might be cathedrals of compassion today,
halls of restorative justice tomorrow,
sheltering walls of Beloved Community the day after.

It is Sunday morning, the day we gather.
Let us be thankful and full of praise
to be in the company of those who came before,
yet are ever in our midst.