Come Sit By Our Fire

Against an indigo sky, people sit gazing into a sparking campfire.

Come sit by our fire and let us share stories. Let me hear your tales of far off lands, wanderer, and I will tell you of my travels. Share your experience of the holy with me, worshipper, and I will tell you of that which I find divine. Come and stay, lover of leaving, for ours is no caravan of despair, but of hope. We would hear your stories of grief and sorrow as readily as those of joy and laughter, for there is a time and a place and a hearing for all the stories of this world. Stories are the breath and word of the spirit of life, that power that we name love. Come, for our fire is warm and we have seats for all. Come, again and yet again, come speak to me of what fills your heart, what engages your mind, what resides in your soul. Come, let us worship together.

Note: this call to worship is inspired by, and contains phrases of, the Rumi poem that Rev. Lynn Ungar put to music as "Come, Come, Whoever You Are," hymn #188 in Singing the Living Tradition. That hymn is an excellent way to follow or precede this opening.