Begin Your Journey Home

Come now, all who are broken and cracked
Come to the place where your shattered pieces
Are the raw materials of mosaic and kintsugi
Here you will find welcome
Among the armless dolls and cozy pilled sweaters
Loved exactly as they are

Come now, all who are thirsty and burned
Come to the place where cool waters and aloe
Soothe your bedraggled soul
Drink your fill and salve your skin
Then fill your canteen and return once more to the struggle
Knowing the well will remain unobstructed

Come now, all who long for the stars
Come to the place where that vision of infinity
Is written upon the people’s hearts
Hold it until you’ve memorized the way
Set your compass to point towards hope
And begin your journey home

About the Author

Lindasusan Ulrich

Rev. Lindasusan V. Ulrich (they/she) is a minister, writer, musician, and activist dedicated to a vision of radical inclusion, deep collaboration, and courageous kindness. They are the settled minister at the Unitarian Society of New Haven, CT and identify as a non-binary bisexual person of color.

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