colorful tulips, not yet in full bloom, lying on a white table

At last, we are here. After a long winter, we can say enthusiastically and without second thought, alleluia! Alleluia, spring is here in all her glory. New life begins, the earth and its creatures are resurrected from their dens of hibernation and dark slumber. Spring is here, long live spring, long live the rebirthing of life into new and creative forms. Long live majestic love that calls us out of our shells, out of our tombs, into new ways of being and sacrifice for others. Let the husks of our shells crack wide open in celebration of our place in humanity, our place in nature, our place in the universe. Awake, awake, rejoice, live life, live life fully, live life together, live life now. Alleluia, we are called to live life with reverence for that which calls us forth in creativity and love. Hallowed be, blessed be, and Amen!