What We Say "Yes" To
What We Say "Yes" To

The offering that we take each Sunday isn't just a stale habit:
it's an opportunity to recommit to this place, and to this people.

Our offering is an affirmation—a “yes.”
When we give, we say yes to something we value.

With our gifts, freely given, may we say yes to the values of our faith.
May our offering help us practice Unitarian Universalism within and beyond our congregation, as tools to empower our mission:

[insert congregational mission, or its essence]


About the Author

  • Erika Hewitt is the UUA's Minister of Worship Arts and Editor of Braver/Wiser, a weekly spirituality series. In addition to serving the UUA half-time, Erika also serves as a Unitarian Universalist parish minister and wedding officiant in Maine.

For more information contact worshipweb@uua.org.

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