An Offering for Different Social Classes

Now is the time for our financial offering. [Particular donation info, e.g. Donations can be made directly into the baskets being passed around, or online through our website, by mail, or by email. If you donate to the loose collection, then half of your donation will go to the congregation while half will be split between the charities...]

As a self-funded congregation, we do, always, need money, but we also need volunteers, and social justice advocates, and friendly smiles, and diversity, so if you are ever unable to donate, you are still always welcome here, no questions asked.

We are grateful for anything you feel able and willing to give.

(wait for baskets to be collected)

Each week we also take this moment to recognize one of the countless non-financial contributions that keep our congregation going. Each of us contributes to our congregation just by being here: by bringing your joy and your struggles, your questions and your faith.

Today I would like to recognize [person/committee] for [reason for gratitude]. Thank you.