You Rescued Me

This song by Jake Tidmore is about animal rescue. He's provided WorshipWeb with sheet music in the key of F and the key of E flat.

I was kicked out and abandoned
On a road from nowhere lost and alone
I felt unwanted, my spirit fading
How much longer could I keep going on?
When I suffered such abuse
My trust so broken and misused
It was you reaching for me
It was you who set me free

You rescued me, giving love from your heart
You rescued me out of my sorrow
You rescued me, healed my body and spirit
You rescued me; gave me hope for tomorrow

Sometimes shadows come and haunt me
Bringing fear and terror straight to my soul
I need to find you and feel your presence
And together we can hold back the pain
Now I know that I need you
No one else's love will do
It is you lifting me up
I feel safe because of you


And maybe someday... I'll rescue you

In a church pew, a woman hugs and nuzzles a happy-looking dog

photo of First Parish, Sterling (MA) by Linda Davis

You Rescued Me

Jake Tidmore, piano and Rhonda Reid, soprano