So We Go

Recording of "So We Go"

red leaves resting on a carpe of dead leaves

This hymn (sheet music (PDF) is available) was written as a Celtic-style harvest song.

Come as the summer turns t'ward autumn;
Come as the long-night stars climb high'r.
Come as time's unceasing turning
Wheels us 'round the harvest fire.

So we go
From daylight toward the night.
So we go,
Turning on through life.

Come as the sun turns bearded barley
From soft green to a brazen bronze.
Come as the sunflow'rs rest their heads
In the peace of sleep while the sun spins on. (chorus)

Come as mistakes turn into wisdom;
Come as the rash become the sage.
Come as the blooms of youth grow into
The feast and seed of our autumn days. (chorus)