New Lyrics for Gather the Spirit

Sung to the tune of “Gather the Spirit” ©1990 Jim Scott
(#347, Singing the Living Tradition)

Gather in spirit, shelter in place.
Let’s do what we can to flatten the curve.
Wash your hands often, don’t touch your face.
This virus is something no one deserves.

Gather on Skype, gather on Zoom,
Gather by phone with family and friends.
Gather online, but don’t leave your room
Let’s all stay safe till this crisis ends.

2. Gather on Facebook, not for too long,
There’s so many ways of passing the time.
Take up crocheting, write a new song,
Read a good book, bake brownies sublime.

3. Gather in spirit, pray for the scared,
The sick and the poor, the lonely at home.
Count all your blessings, reach out and share.
Let everyone see that they’re not alone.

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Jim Scott singing Pat Lamanna's new lyrics to his song ("Gather the Spirit")

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