New Love with Joyous Ringing

Two men's left hands, each with a wedding band, stacked lovingly.

See now the daybreak of our love: Through it may we be lifted,
For when the nightfall closes in, May strength anew be gifted.
Yes! Love endures on this good Earth. Our steadfast hope we’re bringing;
We sing a truth no creed can end. How can we keep from singing?

Good people gather to proclaim new love with joyous ringing!
Rejoice, dear friends, in temple pure: How can we keep from singing?
Our love declared and hearts aligned, Great hope is surely springing!
May we tread well and live with love. How can we keep from singing?

Sheet music is available (PDF).

When Chenowith was married in October 2018, he wanted to sing "My Life Flows on in Endless Song" (Singing the Living Tradition, #108) but didn't find all verses fitting for a he wrote these two new verses to be sung after the hymn's original first verse, written by Robert Lowry in 1869.