The Strength of Water

From above, a river cuts through an evergreen forest

The strength of water takes on many, many forms—just as each of you has a unique and necessary strength that you bring to our community and to the work of love.

Take a moment now to drop down into the deep wellspring of your own spirit and bathe yourself in the strength that is the groundwater of your person.

Are you a roaring fall wearing rock away with sheer force of will?

Are you a tiny drop of water in a crevice, breaking it open slowly, steadily?

Are you buoyant, like a great salt lake, practiced at holding others aloft?

Are you tenacious like the mountain stream, finding your way down and around every obstacle you face?

Are you still and calm like the pond at daybreak, offering radiant peace by your shores?

Are you in touch with hidden depths, pulling from a vast well?

Do you soothe like the steam rising from a cup of tea?

Do you dissolve away stubborn muck, like water left in a pot to soak?

Do you soften and smooth the edges like a creeping fog?

Do you clear away distraction like a cleansing rain?

Do you roll with the ebb and flow like the ocean waves?

Settle your mind upon the strength, the power that is yours. Draw that strength into your heart. Draw it up into your soul. As we gather together the many waters of this community, we need each of your power, each of your resilience, each of your love to make us whole.