A Springtime Prayer

Sun cuts through trees, casting shadows of the trunks on a woodland floor, with a lake in the distance.

Oh power of springtime,
Spirit of green grasses and warm breezes;
Goddess of creativity
of birth
of life renewed
You sing all about us at this time.

The birds call your sacred name.
Buds burst forth with your vestment.
The sun reaches higher into the sky
shining the light of this new day
through the windows of your cathedral,
this world.

Oh power of springtime
forgive us our speediness
and our racing before your
eternal grace
that we do not see
the miracle world we share.

Open our eyes with your warmth
and our hearts with your beauty
slow our minds with awe and wonder.

Dear Spirit of green grasses
and warm breezes;
let us find here
in these moment of quiet
the grace of your breath
as we breathe into our bodies
the spirit of spring.