Prayer for a Busy God

An image of a Planetary Nebula captured by the Hubble Space Telescope.

Do we ever surprise you, God?
De we ever do or say things which catch you off guard,
or do you have everything under such tight control
that nothing is left to chance?
You are the ultimate mystery to us,
but are we ever a mystery to you?
Do you ever wonder why we turned out the way we did,
like any mother does her children?
They say you are omnipotent, able to move mountains
or change the very laws of nature at a whim.
They say you are constantly searching our hearts, weighing our souls
judging our worthiness.
They say you already know our fate.
Well, maybe so, but it doesn't sound like much fun,
all that running around and decision making,
like the weight of the world was on your shoulders.
Not that I'm complaining, mind you.
I'm grateful to be alive, and appreciate all you've done.
But I sure wouldn't want your job.
No, I'd rather think you'd leave some things up to chance.
After all, you did give us our freedom, didn't you?
A little uncertainty, a bit of suspense, sounds a lot less boring
than all that running around and judging all the time.
You know, they also say that we were made in your image.
If so, does that mean that our faith in you
is a reflection of your faith in us?
O God who sets the planets in their paths,
who notes each sparrow's fall, each busy bee,
May we be worthy of your faith in us.
May we act with equity, compassion and intention,
so you don't have to, all the time.
And occasionally, just occasionally,
may we surprise and delight you.
Then you can have a day of rest, too.