A Peacemaking Prayer

About 20 small lit tea lights are arranged, in the dark, in a peace symbol.

The history is complex,
the politics are intense,
the fear and anger are overwhelming,
and the future is unclear.

But glimpses of a hopeful vision
will not be bombed into oblivion
by anyone.

In prayer, we call to mind the peacemakers.
Neighbors of differing faiths
with different histories
with different politics
with different emotions

Who find room for each other
in their hearts
in their dreams
and in their lives

Those who hold firmly to a 
vision of peace and justice
anywhere in the world.

But, especially, today, 
in Ukraine.

Spirit of Life and Love, be present with all who are suffering terribly from the violence in Ukraine. Lift up the hearts of those who fear. And inspire courage among the peacemakers. Be present with political leaders, insuring a retreat from violence and a procession towards the peace table. Guide the hands of all those who are caring for the injured, the hungry and the grieving. And, open our own hearts to compassion. Remind us of our complicity and responsibility. And lead us towards generous engagement and move us always towards a vision of peace.

Note: Rev. Cherry has granted users permission to adapt this prayer to other circumstances; it was recently adapted here for the February 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine.