My Heart Fights for Those Who Can't Fight
My Heart Fights for Those Who Can't Fight

Someone called me a "bleeding heart liberal." It was not intended as a compliment. However, I will always consider it one of the biggest compliments of my life.

My heart bleeds for the underdog.
My heart fights for those who can't fight.
My heart rejoices in seeing others overcome adversity.
My heart desires love and peace for everyone.
My heart is compassionate and empathetic.
My heart sees pain in others and wants to help.
My heart believes in equality.
My heart sees the good in people.
My heart chooses action over fear.

About the Author

  • Sara Dean is the host of the Shameless Mom Academy Podcast and the founder/owner of Sync Fitness in Seattle, WA. Her mission in her work and in life is helping others find their voice and their power.

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