Meditation for Challenging Times

Holy Mystery
Silent Presence
Uncertain Bearer of the Weight of It All
In these quiet moments we listen
We listen for the maybe still breathing, perhaps still whispering
Faintest sign of the Universal Good
We listen between the cacophony of distractions
pulling us towards untruth and falsehood
We listen amidst the shrill cries of desperation
of we’ve-had-enough
of when will they stop killing my people
of how much more will the waters rise
of when will it be safe to return to my home
of how much longer can I hang on
We listen and we wait
Through the tumult of these days 
We seek assurance
We seek the fulfillment of a promise
A promise made to ourselves
A promise made to those we have been stretched to call neighbor
A promise written and enshrined and yet unfulfilled
Help us, Abiding Mystery
to hang on
to hold on when all is in question
when all is in doubt
Help us to stay firm to our own commitments
and our own promises
Lead us back into connection
back into the bonds of humanity
that help us to know each other as beloved.
May we continue listening
May we keep watch
May we beckon Love and Justice and Mercy
with our own whispers
with our shouts
with our cries
Until all know themselves part of the Circle of Love.